Experts in inkjet technologies and printing processes

Indujet is a young knowledge-driven company launched in cooperation with a well-established industry leader. A highly experienced team was brought together to form a cutting edge technology research and development firm. The team members have a combinded experience of over 50 Years in inkjet industry and over 70 Years in the printing industry.

Research and development of industrial inks and functional fluids

Indujet has know-how in developing UV and Aqueous inks and coatings for industrial and graphics applications. Indujet also has experience of developing pigment dispersions. The company specialises in industrial inks and functional fluids. Each potential project is carefully analysed and assessed to establish the correct way to proceed. The team is dedicated to creating inkjet ink formulations that are in fitting with the application andhave the properties requred to enable the end user to produce the end product to their necessary specifications.

State-of-the-art research laboratory and production facility for high quality products

Indujet has built a brand new analytical and physical testing laboratory facility which houses the latest technology equipment that enables a high quality methodical development process. The laboratory is complemented with a Printing Room and Jetting Science Laboratory for application testing and further development insights.

Indujet has a large scale production facility that includes state of the art production equipment. The team have been trained specifically in relation to manufacturing Inkjet products and training is ongoing to enable Indujet to produce the highest standard products under a tight Quality Control tolerance. This prevents batch to batch variation and quality issues. Indujet is committed to creating and producing high quality inkjet formulations.


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